A message from Mike

I help IT related businesses, sometimes to exist in the first place, and always to focus and grow. Throughout my career I have obeyed a golden rule: "recruit, acquire or develop your successor". It brings relief quite quickly AND builds your network of supporters!

I base my work on long term vision, market understanding, personal connections, coaching, mentoring and where appropriate, (increasingly rarely!) executive intervention. Active involvements throughout the UK and Europe, with occasional projects in USA and Canada.

The market knows me best as a specialist advisor for the UK ICT Industry, in particular for marketing & channels to market, where I have worked with the Vendor and VAR community for the past 30 years or so.

I love to see people starting their own businesses & have helped scores of startups during my career and continue to do so. Some have reached stardom & a goodly proportion of them are simply alive & well. I fundamentally believe in social networking driving business growth.

A frequent speaker at and organiser of conferences in ICT related fields, I specialise in facilitating expert panel sessions on a wide range of subjects. These include mentoring & start-ups, trade press relations, channels to market, social networking and the marketing of emerging technologies.

See me on Twitter as @mikejulietbravo or at