WWW ride to Whitby

15th December 2010 : Meet at Squires, 0900

Jim Dumbell led the ride, destined for Robin Hood's Bay, but ending up in Whitby. All was going very well until we turned down a lane heading north from Elvington, 100 yards in was kerb to kerb ice so a hasty retreat was beaten.

A consultation with the route Guru (aka Cedders) and after a quick petrol stop we're off to Buttercrambe, Malton, Pickering and over the moors to Whitby. The temperature dropped to about 2 degrees while passing Fylingdales, with masses of lying snow. On arrival at the cafe by the station in Whitby a hot bowl of soup beckoned to warm some frozen fingers and toes.

After lunch, and with the weather forecast showing snow and freezing temperatures for the evening, we set off back via Guisborough, Stokesley and the A19/A1 to arrive home before dark. About 170 miles today.

Thanks to Jim for doing the business on a cold winter's day.

If anyone has any photos - just send them to me and I'll attach them to this event and it will be formed into a gallery available on this site.