Haddrill and McNeill family gathering

1st October 2011 : Grindleford
A gathering of the Haddrill and McNeill clans

Martin Haddrill, my cousin, has arranged a gathering of as many of the Haddrills and McNeills as can be mustered at the Sir William pub in Grindleford, Derbyshire, on October 1st.

My mother, Elizabeth, and Martin's father, Harry, were siblings. Elizabeth had two sons, me and Brian, and Harry had three sons, Derek, Martin and Richard. All five of us plus our extended families will be there on the 1st October.

Elizabeth McNeill passed away in 1963, Samuel McNeill passed away in 1966, Harry Haddrill passed away in 1983, and Kathleen Haddrill passed away in 2009, aged 93.