McDorrell Trophy 2013

6th September 2014 - 7th September 2014 : Portals, Cheshire

This year's event took place at Formby Hall, near Southport. The teams were:

Ian: Ian Mc, Ian Ayres, Mike Sutton, Reg Dixon, Richard Atkinson, Richard Bennett, Mike Briercliffe, Steve King

Rob: Rob Dorrell, Dave Slater, Chris Collett, Mike Maynard, Ken Baker, Barry Robinson, Barry Gumery, Bob Panruker

The Sunday afternoon fourballs ended 2:2 with Rob/Ken finding good form to beat an out-of-sorts Ian and Mike S 3 and 2. Darkness was falling as Ian and Steve finally finished their match, winning by one hole despite Steve having a few directional problems. Steve hits it so far that 2 fairways over was often the resting place for his ball.

So 2 apiece at the half way stage, then an early drinking session, followed by an early dinner and a late drinking session which saw the team demolish a £550+ bar tab,

Monday morning dawned and the promised sunshine did not materialise. Rather cloudy, windy and cool with a little drizzle thrown in. Undeterred the squad took to the course. Richard A and Mike S were out first and suffered a defeat at the hands of Dave and Ken. Ian and Reg managed a win over Rob and Barry R, but only just. Rob three-putting from 4 feet on the 18th green to lose the match. Ian A and Richard B won easily but alas Steve and Mike B were trounced by Bob and Barry. So 2:2 again on the day, 4:4 overall with Ian retaining the trophy.

Next year will be 7/8 September at a venue to be determined. 


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