McDorrell Trophy 2011

4th September 2011 - 5th September 2011 : Shrigley Hall, Cheshire
McNeill 5, Dorrell 3

This year's event was threatened by rain, but as in may previous years the magic of McDorrell managed to produce a lovely Sunday afternoon.

First up was a rejuvenated Rob Dorrell paired with Martin Parfect against Ian McNeill and Mike Sutton. A proper trouncing ensued with Rob winning 5 & 4. Other teams did not fair much better with the notable exception of Clive Hardman and Ian Ayres. The result by Sunday evening was 3:1 to the Dorrells.

McNeill did his usual routine of teaching the barman how to make a decent martini. Dinner was a rather noisy affair but at least the hotel protected the other guests by hiding us away in a back room. After returning to the bar some sloped off to bed, others lasted for a drink or two, but the hard core, led by Dorrell captain Rob, managed to ensure that the bar bill remained impressively large.

An 8:20 tee-time on Monday saw a collection of sore heads and stiff limbs assemble on the tee, The results however were rather different from the previous afternoon with the McNeill team delivering a 4:0 whitewash to reclaim the coveted trophy.

After a touching ceremony and a spot of lunch everyone left for home, promising to engage in the same madness again next year.

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McNeill Team: Ian Mc, Mike B, Mike S, Andy, Richard, Lester, Clive, Ian A

Dorrell Team: Rob, Mike, Barry, Bob, Dave, Martin, Ken and Chris


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