McDorrell Trophy 2017

3rd September 2017 - 4th September 2017 : Kenwick Park, Lincolnshire

This year's event took place at Kenwick Park, Lincolnshire - a new venue for the Trophy. The teams were:

Ian: Ian Mc, Ian Ayres, Richard Atkinson, Richard Bennett, Kamlesh Parmar, David Newton, Neal Tams, Mike Sutton

Rob: Rob Dorrell, Dave Slater, Chris Collett, Mike Maynard, Bob, Barry Gumery, Terry, Bill

The Sunday afternoon fourballs ended 2:2

Monday morning was a different story with the McNeill team nearly achieving a whitewash. The actual result was 31/2 to 1/2, so a solid victory for the McNeills to win back the trophy.

Next year will be 2/3 September at a venue to be determined.