PA's Classic Trip 2010

22nd January 2010 - 29th January 2010 : St Martin de Belleville, France
Chalet La Corniche with our own caterer

This was a bit of an experiment in that it was the first time we had taken a self-catered chalet and brought in our own caterer - my daughter Jenny - who had recently changed careers and retrained as a chef.  Although I would say that, wouldn't I, I thought it worked very well, and will be repeated,

The attendee list was a bit fluid as people popped in and out: Mac, MJB, JP, JB, KT, PCH and Jenny were fixtures for the week, with Vic, Paul (Vic's son), Garcia, James (MJB's son), Kamlesh and Shane spending a few days there.

Garcia managed to fall over getting the bread, so that put him out for a day or two, and JB had a bad experience with putting his gear on, so he lasted one morning before becoming official trip photographer, taxi driver and lunch organiser.

Instructor Pat also popped in for dinner one night. Good to see him again.

See the gallery for some photos of the event.


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