Mcdorrell Trophy

In 1984 a group of golfers from Yorkshire challenged a group from Birmingham to a golf match. This event, The McDorrell Trophy, has been held every year since, with 8 golfers per side competing for a magnificent trophy. The match takes a loose Ryder Cup format, and is followed by dinner and a stop-over at a local hostelry so that victory may be properly celebrated, or defeat’s sorrows properly drowned. 

Current scores are McNeill 20, Dorrell 16

2019 Hill Valley, McNeill 4 Dorrell 4 

Trophy retained after a memorable draw. 

2018 The Nottinghamshire, McNeill 5 1/2, Dorrel 2 1/2

2017 Kenwick Park McNeill 5 1/2, Dorrell 2 1/2

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2016 Greetham Valley, Rutland McNeill 2, Dorrell 6

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2015 Wychwood Park McNeill 3, Dorrell 5

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2014 Portals McNeill 3 1/2, Dorrell 4 1/2

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2013 Formby Hall McNeill 4, Dorrell 4

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2012 Formby Hall McNeill 2, Dorrell 2 (match curtailed by weather)

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2011 Shrigley Hall McNeill 5, Dorrell 3

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2010 Carden Park McNeill 5, Dorrell 3

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2009, Wychwood Park, McNeill 3 1/2, Dorrell 4 1/2 

2009 Match report see

2008, Hawkstone Park, Shropshire, 6 1/2 to 1 1/2 to McNeill

A memorable meeting at the home of McDorrell. Drove to the course in pouring rain after a few days of horendous weather. Watched the rain pelting down during the opening lunch. Tee-time arrived at 1.36 when the rain stopped, and play was possible in short-sleeved shirts. The Sunday afternoon saw the McNeill team go into a 3:1 lead (just like last year), and plans were laid by the Dorrells to ambush Ant and Dec in the bar that night. After a couple of pints, a quick shower, celebratory champagne (for the 25th anniversary event), lots of wine and a splendid dinner, tiredness got the better of many and most were in bed by midnight. In the morning Ant and Dec were out running at 0600, and on the practice ground by 0800. The morning four-ball result was 3 1/2 to 1/2 so a resounding victory for the McNeills overturned last years Dorrell victory.

Another great event organised by Rob.

Dorrell team: Rob, Graham, Dave, Ken, Barry, Bob, Mike, Chris

McNeill team: Ian, Andy, Lester, Peter, Martin, Sam, Richard, Ian A.

2007, Forest Pines, North Lincolnshire, 5-3 to Dorrell

Forest Pines was the venue for the 24th meeting and in true McDorrell style the weather was bright and sunny. A welcome return to the Dorrell team for Dave Slater and Graham Essex who failed to make it last year.

The Sunday afternoon matches were a bit one-sided, with the McNeill team taking a 3-1 lead. Richard Atkinson and Mike Briercliffe lost their match with Richard being overwhelmed by the number of shots he had to concede.

The McNeills started Monday in confident mood needing only a single point to retain the trophy. Sadly it was not to be and all four matches were won by the Dorrells to give them an overall 5-3 victory. Two of the matches were fought to the last green.

Dorrell Team – Rob, Dave Slater, Graham Essex, Ken Baker, Barry Gunnery, Bob, Mike Maynard, Chris Collett.

McNeill Team – Ian, Richard Atkinson (with David Evans as Monday substitute), Mike Briercliffe, Ian Ayres, Martin Pearce-McNeill, Sam Carney, Keith Taylor (with Gary Parlett as Monday substitute), Andy Bramley.

2006, Carden Park, Chester, 9 1/2 to 2 1/2 to McNeill

Just about the biggest victory in the history of the event saw the McNeill team deliver a crushing defeat on the under-strength Dorrell squad. The Sunday 4-balls saw a 3-1 lead for McNeill with Martin Parfect bravely taking on Mike and Clive on his own and managing a half. The same score was returned on Monday morning so McNeill teams took a 6-2 lead into the Monday afternoon on the Nicklaus Course - just a single 1/2 needed for victory. A 3 1/2 to 1/2 win ensured the job was done.

There was, as ever, many cries of banditry which fell on deaf ears. New member Sam Carney (Martin Pearce-McNeill's pal) was immediately christened "Dec" to Martin's "Ant", and six foot five Lester impressed everyone with the length of his driving.

Commiserations to Dave W who's plan to get Ant and Dec drunk severely mis-fired and he ended up so pissed himself that he could not find his room.

McNeill Team - Ian McNeill, Richard Atkinson, Mike Sutton, Mike Briercliffe, Martin Pearce-McNeill, Clive Hardman, Lester Wilson and Sam Carney.

Dorrell Team - Rob Dorrell, Mike Maynard, Dave Wheatley, John Powell, Ken, Martin Parfect, and Barry

2005, Heron's Reach, Blackpool, 6-6, Dorrell team retains the trophy.

The 22nd event was played at Heron's Reach in Blackpool under mostly sunny skies and hot conditions. The Sunday afternoon match was 2-2 in a closely fought contest. Tony and Dave W decided to knobble two newcomers from the McNeill team in the bar, and although Martin made it to the tee looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed, Paul was hors-de-combat, and so Mike Sutton bravely fought a battle on his own on Monday morning's nine-hole match. The morning went 3-1 to Dorrell team, so with it all to do, and with the appearance of a hung-over Paul, battle was commenced on Monday afternoon.

The first match went to the last putt on the 18th, but others were less close, with the McNeill team coming out 3-1 victors for an overall 8-8 score which meant that the Dorrell team keeps the trophy for another year.

A great event played in a good competitive and friendly spirit - just the way golf should be played!

McNeill Team - Ian McNeill, Richard Atkinson, Mike Sutton, Ian Burrows, Ian Hepworth, Martin Pearce-McNeill, Gary Emerson, Paul Gerada
Dorrell Team - Rob Dorrell, Dave Slater, Graham Essex, Chris Collette, Tony Coles, David Wheatley, John Powell, Mike Maynard

Welcome this year to Gary, Ian Hepworth, Paul and Martin as new participants, and welcome back to John Powell and Mike Maynar

2004, Mottram Hall, Cheshire, 7-5 to Dorrell

Another good event with some new members. Nice venue and blowy weather.

The 21st event was played at Mottram Hall in Cheshire and the Dorrell team was again victorious with a 7-5 victory. The weather threatened to be hurricane-like in its ferocity, but actually turned out quite nice, if a little breezy. The Dorrell team again raced into a 3-1 lead on Sunday afternoon, and consolidated with another 3-1 result on Monday morning. Monday afternoon added a little respectability to the score for the McNeill team, but the trophy remains firmly in the Midlands for another year.

McNeill Team - Ian McNeill, Ian Ayres, Mike Briercliffe, Richard Atkinson, Mike Sutton, Andy Sellers, John Arnold, Ian Burrows

Dorrell Team - Rob Dorrell, Dave Slater, Neil Challiner, Graham Essex, Chris Collette, Tony Coles, David Wheatley, Martin Parfect

Welcome this year to Neal and David as new participants.

2003, Forest Pines, 7½ - 4½ to Dorrell

The 20th match played over 2 days at Forest Pines in Sunny Scunthorpe. The teams assembled on Sunday lunchtime and played the event over a total of 45 holes - two 18-hole matches and one 9-hole match.

McNeill Team - Ian McNeill, Ian Ayres, Mike Briercliffe, Richard Atkinson, Mike Sutton, Andy Sellers, Graham Jackson, Ian Burrows
Dorrell Team - Rob Dorrell, Dave Slater, Mike Maynard, Graham Essex, Chris Collette, Tony Coles, John Powell, Martin Parfect

The Dorrell team went 3-1 up after the Sunday afternoon 4-balls, and with McNeill only taking 1½ points on Monday morning, the scene was set for a resounding Dorrell victory, which was duly delivered after a 2:2 result on Monday afternoon.

The highlight of the event was a glorious hole in one at the first on Monday morning by ANDY SELLERS which was witnessed by all the team players. Andy provided champagne and a decent red wine for our enjoyment at Dinner.

2002 Little Aston, McNeill 5½ - 2½

A curtailed match due to horrendous weather.

2001 Belton Woods Dorrell 6½ - 1½

Almost a whitewash. Thanks to Ian Ayres and Mike Sutton for preserving some dignity for the McNeill team

2000 Southport and Ainsdale McNeill 4 - 4

An honourable draw to retain the trophy

1999 Portals McNeill 4 ½ - 3 ½

1998 Chesterfield McNeill 5 ½ - 2 ½

1997 Woodhall Spa Dorrell 4 - 4

1996 Hawkstone Park Dorrell 3 - 5

1995 Lindrick Dorrell 3 ½ - 4 ½

1994 Sherwood Forrest Dorrell Win

1993 Tytherington McNeill Win

1992 The Mere Dorrell Win

1991 The Mere McNeill Win

1990 Hill Valley McNeill Win

1989 Hollinwell Dorrell Win

1988 Breadsall Priory Dorrell Win

1987 Sherwood Forrest McNeill Win

1986 Hill Valley McNeill Win

1985 Woodhall Spa McNeill Win

1984 Hawkstone Park McNeill Win