Liquid Accounts Partnership

15 December 2010
Liquid Accounts Partnership

Cloud Accounting Software Market-Leader Launches Partnership with National Business Support Organisation.

UK online accounting software market-leader, Liquid Accounts is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Forum of Private Business, a proactive, not-for-profit business support organisation working with thousands of small and medium-sized businesses around the UK.

The partnership gives Forum members exclusive money-saving deals on top of the standard subscription to Liquid’s accredited and award-winning online accounting software, including free personalised invoice template and free import of existing accounting data.

Members who sign up before 1st of January 2011 will also get an extra month free on top of the standard one month’s free trial. The exclusive Forum package also includes all Liquid’s other great accounting software features, such as free unlimited users, free automated upgrades and back-ups, free UK-based customer support, and free access for your accountant or bookkeeper via their own client manager module, plus the ability to add additional modules and tailor the software to suit your business.

Chris Eccles, Liquid Accounts’ Commercial Director, said, “This is a great opportunity for us and just the sort of partnership we are looking for. Statistics show that businesses that use some sort of bookkeeping software are more likely to survive, thrive and grow, and we hope to help members of the Forum of Private Business gain skills and expertise that will help them succeed. Using Liquid Accounts will give them access to their business information whenever they need it, to help them analyse sales

and keep on top of how much money they have, all of which is crucial when the economy is still fairly unstable. They’ll also have information to hand for their bank manager or accountant, or to get support from the Forum.”

The launch has been timed to allow members to sign up for Liquid Accounts before the VAT rate goes up from 17.5% to 20% on 4th January 2011. Chris said,

“One of the big advantages of using cloud accounting software like ours is that upgrades and updates are done automatically. This means that, when our customers log in on the 4th of January, the new VAT rate will be in the system and ready for them to use in invoices and transactions from then on. If, however, you’re using traditional desktop accounting software, you will have to update your package yourself and we know that this caused problems for many small businesses when the VAT rate went down to 15% and then back up to 17.5%.”

The launch also coincides with the Government’s recent announcement of its commitment to providing universal superfast broadband by 2015, allowing all businesses to have access to the time and cost-savings benefits of cloud computing. Further, the Centre for Business and Economics Research (CEBR) has just released a report that says that cloud computing could be crucial to the future growth of both the UK and EU economies.

Speaking about the partnership with Liquid, the Forum’s PR Manager Phil McCabe said:

“According to the CEBR, 2011 will be the year of cloud computing, which it predicts will boost EU economies by more than £600 billion over five years.

“Already, Liquid Account’s cutting-edge cloud computing technology empowers small businesses by providing access to leading accounting software, and giving them the skills to control costs and grow their businesses.

“A tool to access and use information whenever it is required is exactly the kind of flexible resource business owners will need in order to drive their businesses and the economy forward in the coming months and years.”