Software Radio Technology Announcement

18 December 2012
Software Radio Technology Announcement

$1.8m balance of $3.7m order shipped

SRT is pleased to announce that the final batch of Identifiers, worth $1.8m, for the $3.7m order received in June 2012, has been shipped to the end customer. Full payment has been received for the previous two batches.

The Identifiers are being used to improve safety and security in Central America as part of a US government supported programme. The potential total value of this specific opportunity to SRT is estimated to be up to $20 million, with the initial order worth $3.7m representing the start. SRT expects that further orders will be received during 2013 as part of the national rollout programme.

Simon Tucker commented: "We are pleased to have successfully delivered this order to our customer on time. This is one of several significant opportunities which have been progressing for some years and are now entering their implementation phase."