Software Radio Technology Announcement

12 February 2013
Software Radio Technology Announcement

Identifiers ordered for India programme

SRT is pleased to announce that it has received an order for 500 Identifiers from its Indian customer. The Identifiers are a customised version of SRT's standard Identifier product platform and will be delivered before the end of April 2013.

In 2008, the Indian Government decided to create a national automatic identification system ('AIS') network along its 7,500km coastline as part of a general maritime domain awareness ('MDA') investment programme. This was specified, tendered and installed within four years and today India has one of the world's most sophisticated AIS networks. The next phase in this programme is to fit local boats with an AIS device.

Over the last two years SRT and its local partner, Elcome Marine, have been co-operating with local authorities to evaluate and specify the most appropriate solution. This process has involved extensive discussions and included a preliminary field trial in October 2012. The order for 500 customised Identifiers is to undertake a much more extensive field trial before commencement of a national rollout.

It is expected that the trial could take up to 12 months and require additional product customisation before commencement of a large scale rollout.

Simon Tucker, CEO, Software Radio Technology plc, said: "With many hundreds of thousands of fishing vessels, India is an enormous market opportunity for SRT and we believe that our Identifier and Class B products provide ideal platforms which can be customised for specific requirements. Whilst small, this order is a major step forward in the India vessel tracking programme and we look forward to continuing our work with Elcome to provide India with a robust and reliable small vessel tracking solution that the authorities are confident can be rolled out nationally."