Syntopix Group Business Update

27 April 2011
Syntopix Group Business Update

Syntopix Group plc update on three opportunities: SYN1113 and ongoing programmes with Sinclair Pharma and Beiersdorf AG

Syntopix Group plc (AIM:SYN), the speciality pharmaceutical research and development company focused on topical antimicrobial innovations for products in the medicine and consumer healthcare markets, today provides an update on three opportunities: SYN1113 (for the treatment of acne) and ongoing programmes with Sinclair Pharma and Beiersdorf AG.

On 23 August 2010, Syntopix announced that it had signed an exclusive agreement with a global consumer healthcare company in relation to SYN1113. Under the terms of the deal, the global company was granted the rights of first refusal to negotiate a separate agreement for further development and eventual commercialisation of the SYN1113 compound. This company has now considered its internal development pipeline of product opportunities and has ultimately chosen not to progress SYN1113 and therefore all rights for this compound will revert to Syntopix. This decision is not expected to have a material impact on either the Group's cash flows or expected results for the current financial year.

Since signing the agreement, Syntopix has significantly enhanced the data to support the efficacy of the compound. Two human use studies of SYN1113 in a novel formulation have been conducted, the latter study (in 30 volunteers with acneic skin) was tested together with a leading consumer brand and the novel formulation of SYN1113 performed equally well, and in some cases better, than the global brand leader.

Additionally, Syntopix has also concluded a consumer feedback trial of SYN1113 against the leading brand. The highlights from this research showed that participants believed the novel formulation for SYN1113 was a good product with a purchase intent equal to the brand leader, and scored higher than the brand leader for the immediate treatment of spots. SYN1113 was also rated positively for helping to clear up spots and reduce spot size quickly and helping to reduce red spots and inflammation.

Furthermore, Syntopix internal research on the novel formulation of SYN1113 in combination with salicylic acid (a key compound for the treatment of acne) has shown that these compounds are very rapidly absorbed into the skin, which we believe should lead to faster treatment, a conclusion also expressed in the recent consumer feedback study.

Dr Stephen Jones, CEO of Syntopix commented: "Receiving full rights back for SYN1113 from our partner removes certain commercial restrictions and we are now able to market this technology to a broader range of pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies. I believe that the strong data package now in place around this product opportunity for the treatment of acne will enable us to progress an alternative commercial agreement on this leading anti-acne product opportunity."

Alongside the update on SYN1113, the Group is pleased to announce that it is approaching the conclusion of its collaboration with Sinclair Pharma to identify combination formulations to synergise and augment the anti-biofilm activity of Sinclair's key ingredient already marketed as Decapinol ®. Discussions will be held over the coming weeks to discuss the results and potential next steps.

Finally, with its collaboration with Beiersdorf AG (manufacturer of Nivea), Syntopix has concluded its research programme developing new lab-based assays to help examine the effective delivery of active ingredients, working towards developing unique and effective products. Syntopix will be presenting its research findings to Beiersdorf AG at the end of May 2011.

Syntopix will update shareholders on the progress of these developments in due course.