SRT Agreement Signed

05 August 2011
SRT Agreement Signed

Software Radio Technoolgy have announced the signing of a strategic agreement with an Indian customer

Software Radio Technology is pleased to announce that it has entered a strategic partnership agreement with Elcom Marine Services Pvt. Ltd ("Elcom")
of India.

The agreement is a partnership between Elcom and SRT to target the Indian market with SRT's range of vessel mounted AIS transceivers.

Following the terrorist attack in November 2008 when gunmen arrived in Mumbai in a hijacked fishing boat, the Indian authorities have commenced the implementation of a nationwide coastal security programme, which includes the fitting of all vessels with a tracking device monitored from a shore based network. This programme will require up to an estimated 300,000 vessels to be fitted.

Simon Tucker, CEO of SRT, said, "Elcom has a contract with the Indian government to install the national AIS coastal monitoring network which is expected to be completed in 2012, providing total AIS monitoring along the entire coast line of India. Their deep knowledge and understanding of both AIS and the local market and authorities make Elcom an ideal local partner for SRT, whilst our wide range of AIS solutions makes SRT an ideal partner for Elcom. This agreement provides a clear framework of terms and conditions under which we will jointly co-operate to secure the available business in India in the coming months and years. I believe that this is an important strategic agreement for us both given the size of the market opportunity."